5 Gifts for the Job Seeker in Your Life

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Gifts that will improve the job seeking process.

The holidays are officially here and that means it’s time to give to those you care about. 


COVID-19 business closures and social distancing measures created significant changes to the way we apply and interview for work. Walk-ins, in-person interviews, and networking events have been replaced with zoom meetings, slack channels, and conference calls.

Here is our list of gifts for the job seeker in your life (or yourself) to make applying, interviewing, and staying organized a dream. 

‘Tis the season of giving. 

Coming in at number one is the Chromebook. If you are not yet familiar with the Chromebook it’s time to get acquainted. This computer is fast, easy to use, price continuous, and comes with pre-installed tools (free) that will help you in every step of the application process. 

  1. Chromebook

What it is: 

Chromebooks are computers that run the Chrome operating system aka Chrome OS. They use cloud storage, are lightweight, and have multiple layers of security to keep personal information safe. Chrome books are made by a variety of companies like Samsung, Google, and Acer.

The problem it solves:

Chromebooks come ready out of the box with Google apps like Docs, Sheets, and Slides. These are Google’s versions of popular word office apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The applications are great and allow a user to access their documents (like resumes) from any computer. 

Chromebooks come ready to hold interviews with built in webcams, high quality speakers, and Google Meet, a free to use video conferencing app. 

Cost: $250-$1,000
The Chromebook was built to be price conscious. While the price spectrum can be large, a very good quality and long lasting Chromebook can be purchased at much lower prices than traditional computers. Built in software and available free software from the ChromeWeb Store sweeten the gift as your recipient will not incur cost to get started working with the computer. 

Where to buy it: 

If you are a price conscious shopper start by looking for a Chromebook on Amazon. Higher end Chromebooks can be bought at the big box stores like Bestbuy. If you feel confident in picking up a used computer we highly recommend looking at Facebook Marketplace and Ebay. There are very nice Chromebooks for sale at heavily discounted prices simply because the last owner wants a change. Facebook Marketplace also has people looking to barter goods or services in exchange for devices.

We believe the Chromebook embodies the necessary technology to apply, interview, and succeed in a changed job marketplace. There are some drawbacks to chromebooks like the fact that they cannot run iTunes, but they run Spotify just fine. Generally, if there is a drawback to using a Chromebook it has an alternative solution that is just as good if not better.

  1. MasterClass

What it is: 

MasterClass is an online learning platform that has transformed the way we learn. MasterClass takes idolized professionals and turns them into relatable teachers. Covering topics from cooking to film MasterClass is sure to inspire the job seeker in your life. 

The problem it solves:

Life, work, and the balance you must have plays an important role in the way people live. MasterClass does an extraordinary job of teaching. Well suited for people who are considered to be visual learners, MasterClass presents core concepts required in a particular field in such a way that it can be consumed and understood by anyone. 

Sometimes the hard part during the job hunt is getting started. The celebrities, sports-stars, directors, business people, and chefs that teach MasterClass easily inspire. Masters of their craft show you what the top looks like and in many cases detail how they arrived there. Their passion drives them to explain in detail a specifically interesting area of their career. These lessons in work and life can set the job seeker in your life on a new path or confirm they are on the right path. 

Cost: $15 / month
Starting at just $15 / month, MasterClass is a tremendous value in learning. During the holidays they are running a buy one get one on the MasterClass official website. Great for two job seekers you are looking to support or this may be an opportunity for you to do some self giving. 

Where to buy it: 

The best place to buy MasterClass is on MasterClass.com. While other websites may list deals and coupons for MasterClass it is hard to beat the holiday promotion of MasterClass. Buy One Get One.

Bonus: Students enrolled or enrolling in essential worker related classes qualify to apply for The Good Jobs Near Me Essential Worker Scholarship. This $2,000 scholarship is for the spring semester 2021 and is available to a multitude of majors. Current essential workers qualify as well.

  1. HelloFresh

What it is: 

HelloFresh pairs healthy eating and convenience. Their chefs and dieticians plan, create, package, and ship tasty meals to your door. Eating healthy promotes brain activity, aids in weight loss, and saves serious time and energy. 

The problem it solves:

Job seeking can create stress on the mind and the body. Poor eating habits can exacerbate these problems and create a downward spiral for health. The hardest parts of healthy eating are the planning, shopping, preparing, and serving of the meals. HelloFresh takes all of that off of the plate, or rather puts it on the plate.

All that’s left to do is eat it. The journey to a new job doesn’t have to be an isolated change. Pairing life changes with goals is an excellent way to stay committed. Healthy meals keep job seekers energized and focused on the tasks at hand. This is an especially creative gift for the job seeker who is currently employed. Oftentimes their job hunting takes place at night after dinner. HelloFresh makes their time after work more efficient.

Imagine giving a gift of health, time savings, and tasty food created by gourmet chefs. 

Cost: Between $7.50-$9.00 per serving.
HelloFresh prices their meals out by the people you are serving and the amount of recipes you would like per week. Every week you can create a custom menu from 23 recipes. 

Where to buy it: 

HelloFresh.com is the place to buy. You can learn about the food, curate your plan, register, and be checked out in a few minutes. 

  1. Resume Review

What it is: 

Having someone take the time to review your resume is priceless. It is a true commitment to the job seeker you are looking to help. Where resume writing services fail is in the fact that every application should be paired with a resume that is tailored to that position and that requires time and effort. Not money.  

The problem it solves:

Having a well tailored resume to a particular job shows the hiring manager very quickly that you meet the minimum requirements, have something extra that is ideal, and are serious about moving into the position. The tough part is that you have to take the time before each application to update your resume to be aligned with the open position and its requirements.

This can create basic errors like typos, grammar issues, and missing components. Having a trusted advisor / friend to review not only the resume but also the job description of the position that you are applying for helps catch these common mistakes. 

In many instances a hiring manager or recruiter responsible for filling the role will only quickly spot check the resume for the desired requirements. Submitting a resume with errors or missing sections will have the application be immediately rejected. 

Time is the most valuable commodity we have. Giving it to the job seeker in your life to review their resume and the job description of the position they are applying for is a selfless gift. 

Cost: Time.
You may not be able to review every resume submitted. Working together with your gift recipient comes up with a schedule that works for both of you. Focusing on the positions that they truly aspire to obtain. 

Where to buy it: 

Some gifts you just can’t buy. Resume writing services are fine to structure a first resume. However, submitting the same resume over and over to different positions is a bad practice.
Starting a resume is easy with our free resume building. Register as a candidate on Good Jobs Near Me and you get access.

  1. Networking

What it is: 

Let’s face it. Sometimes it just comes down to who you know. Introductions lead to conversations, conversations lead to interviews, and interviews lead to new jobs. Providing a job seeker with access to your network is the greatest gift that you can give them. It allows them to interface with more people within the workforce, people that respect you, and that expand the pool of available offline jobs.  

The problem it solves:

While job boards like Good Jobs Near Me have a ton of available positions it is definitely not every job available. Many employers don’t post their jobs online at all. In many cases employers would like to have another person but can afford to wait until the right candidate comes along. 

Many employers don’t know that they need another person until they are presented with the opportunity to have another person. Networking not only can provide valuable contacts for your job seeker but also spark conversations within a company. Lunch room chats, conference calls, and one-on-one meetings between colleagues that know about the job seeker in your life can create an opportunity where one didn’t exist. 

While this gift is great it comes with risk. Sharing your network is sharing your recommendation for the job seeker. If an opportunity arises from your network and the job seeker fails to meet standards, does not represent you as you would represent yourself, or quits; it looks bad on you. 

Cost: Time and Consideration
Taking the time to understand the positions that the job seeker is willing to take, what they want to do, and their skill set is a must. The investment upfront in gathering this information can save both you and the job seeker unwanted pain later.

After gathering the required information to make an educated decision as yourself if you know people. Does it make sense to have conversations with people you know?

Almost always publicly sharing that the job seeker is looking for work on social media is a bad idea. Make your networking personal and private. This keeps the conversations serious and does not embarrass or make the effort seem lessened.

Where to buy it: 

You buy this gift with effort. Taking time to decide how much effort and when to apply it is up to you.   

Written by the Good Jobs Near Me team.

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