Essential Worker Scholarship 2021 - Presented by Good Jobs Near Me


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The Scholarship

The Essential Worker Scholarship is offered by Good Jobs Near Me to incentivize and support students that are currently enrolled in educational programs for a future career or to support their current career as an essential worker. 

The Essential Worker Scholarship provides $2,000.00 to a single student in the spring semester of 2021.

The recipient of the scholarship will be delivered a check in the full amount to use towards classes, books, technology, or supplies that aid them during their education for an essential worker career.

The scholarship winner will be selected in the first week of February and will be notified the second week of February.


Essential workers can be found in every industry and sector. We consider essential worker careers to be those that conduct a range of operations and services that are typically essential to continue critical infrastructure operations. 

During your application you will be required to explain in short essay format why your current job or future career is essential. 


The Essential Worker Scholarship is available to students currently enrolled in educational programs related to a career in an essential role. The scholarship is available to all levels of education and includes students enrolled in continuing education and certificate programs.

How To Submit Your Application

Each application MUST be paired with a 1,000 word essay that clearly describes the program you are enrolled in, how it will be used to support your career as an essential worker, and a description of why your position is essential. 

In addition to your essay all applications MUST be paired with contact details that include your:

Full Name: first and last name
Address / Zip Code: a complete address, this will be used to deliver the scholarship check
Phone Number: we will use this number to contact you if needed
Email Address: this is the primary way we will communicate with you

Additional Details and Questions

The deadline for application submissions is 2/01/2021.

Questions relating to the scholarship can be sent to: